The Evangelical Christian Book Fair (ECBF) (SLCE) is a non-profit organization made up of a group of professional christians from educational, business, ecclesial and community circles. Our mission is to promote the taste of reading centered on the Word of God through an annual public event promoting exchange between authors, readers, artists, publishers and christian evangelical distributors.

Together, we are committed to:

  • Make known the Word of God;

  • Give the opportunity to men and women of all origins, all languages, to gather around this Word of Life;

  • Promote evangelical christian authors to the christian and non-christian public;

  • Provide a platform for the influence of authors and their writings;

  • Create a passion for reading Christian books for the whole family;

  • Gather publishers, bookstores, evangelical Christian authors in one place to allow visitors to discover them.

  • Make known the writings of evangelical Christian authors and artists engaged in the work of God.;

  • Give readers the opportunity to meet authors and to exchange on their reflections, analyzes, novels around the Word of God.