Towards the end of 2015, as I was hosting a radio show on international religious news on Radio Gospel, I came across an article “Living to read” the fair for Christian books that had just taken place in Switzerland.

Inspired by God, I contacted the organizer of this event, a Swiss pastor, who sent me all the information relating to the fair. I shared the idea of ​​organizing a Christian evangelical book fair in Quebec with two good friends and sisters in faith, Martha Hyacinthe and Maryline Kernisan, who joined the project. Thus, the Evangelical Christian Book Fair was born.

Our vision for an evangelical Christian book fair was to promote a passion for reading centered on the Word of God. The idea is to bring together in one space authors, readers, lecturers, artists and evangelical Christian publishers from different cultural communities and create a platform.

Four editions were held and offered a range of activities to a diverse audience. Knowing that the Lord will bring to us people of faith and dedicated workers, the Evangelical Christian Book Fair is called to continue its journey, and offer an unmissable event for individuals of any language, any race, and any people.


May God bless every reader of this message!

Mireille Chicoye Mirambeau

President of the Evangelical Christian Book Fair