Our team


Mireille Chicoye Mirambeau


Mireille Chicoye Mirambeau is project manager, speaker, radio host and author. She holds a bachelor's degree in Community Intervention from the University of Montreal, as well as training in project management at Boston University.

She has worked in the banking sector for several years, and holds many positions, including the positions of Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Since 2008, she has been actively working at Radio Gospel as a host and is part of its board of directors. She is also a host of the show “I am learning” at Radio Centre-Ville.

Mireille launched an annual prayer lunch in 2008 with a group of friends who represent an unmissable event in the Christian community. In 2016, she published “Breakfast with God”, a book that describes the demonstration of the power of God through prayer lunches.  Seeking to promote the taste for reading, in 2016 she launched the first edition of the Evangelical Christian Book Fair.


Martha Hyacynthe


Martha Hyacinthe is a clinical nurse with bachelor's degrees in science and psychology and is currently completing a bachelor's degree in theology. She was director of the primary section of a congregational school of 850 students in Haiti where she established a children's choir. In Canada she is a lay preacher and is very involved in the life of her congregation. Committed to youth, Martha is finalizing the installation of a community library called “Le Papyrus”. As a former drama student, passionate about literature and song, she joined in the project of Evangelical Christian Book Fair seeking to develop a taste for reading.

Maryline Kernisan


Maryline Kernisan is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant with over 20 years of experience in that field. She studied immigration law and hosted a radio program on immigration at Radio Centre-Ville. Very involved in the community, she was vice-president of the board of directors of “Perspective Carrière” and is currently vice-president of the Laval community loan company.

Active both professionally and spiritually, Maryline reveals God known through her actions. She is involved in the Evangelical Methodist Church of Montreal and is part of its board of directors. Passionate about reading, Maryline carries on her shoulders the project of the Evangelical Christian Book Fair which is close to her heart.