4th edition - 2019

The Bible an art gallery - Donald Tardif

Conference (10h30-11h15)


In this presentation, the Bible is presented as a large 66-story art gallery with many paintings. Each table represents an event in a story, a portion of a teaching, or a doctrinal text. The paintings are studied individually, as we would in an art gallery.


Donald Tardif will help you browse the scriptures around an art gallery to learn how to meditate on the Bible in a practical way.

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Tips and tricks to successfully complete a project

Nersa Dorismond

Conference (11h30 -12h00)


Our life is sprinkled with projects: Birth - Birthday - Marriage. Family reunion - album - concerts ... Are there techniques to successfully complete a project?


This workshop led by Nersa Dorismond will allow you to discover techniques to carry out your projects successfully.


Alain Gendron

Conference (12h15 -12h45)


MEMOWAR opens our eyes to an invisible, millennial conflict that targets our thoughts. Alain Gendron layers two sources with originality to reveal the fascinating frame of a conflict between images and words since the beginning of time.

This conference encouraged us to take a new look at the world around us and inform us about what we too often neglect to protect in our own lives, our families and our churches.


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Overcoming emotional instability

Past. Jocelyne Goma

Conference (13h45 -14h15)


How do we react when we experience emotions? Why emotional instability? How can we overcome this emotional fluctuation?

Pastor Goma will provide us with extensive information that will help us in our daily life.

Create, launch, and succeed your blog

Aurélie Nseme

Conference (14h30 -15h00)


Aurélie Nseme, creator and manager of the blog "Le Carnet de Lily", will share with you certain techniques and, will give you advice on the blog, a powerful communication tool.

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Reconnect with reading

Past. Bertholi G. Gaspard

Conference (15h15 -15h45)


In this world where the visual occupies a large place we lose the habit of reading. Yet reading constitutes a great wealth.

Why read? What supports to use? What are the benefits of reading and the impact on our development? These will be the elements that Pastor Bertholi will address.

Artistic creation and the christian

Jacques Dumouchel

Conference (16h00 -16h30)


Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture ... Art is found in different forms in the Bible, whether through praise, worship but also in the life of the believer. Jacques Dumouchel will address, during his conference "Artistic Creation and the Christian", some questions such as: What does the Bible teach us about literary creation and more broadly about artistic creation? Is not God revealing Himself in the bible as the Creator?

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Gathering for the great awakening

Claude Chicoye

Conference (16h45 -17h15)


As the world comes together and becomes more and more threatening to the true faith, the need for the Church to present a united front to its detractors becomes more and more relevant. Despite its present division, the people of God can and must come together.

In this conference-debate, the state of the Church will be described and the importance of its gathering underlined as well as the way in which it will be able to unite, proposed.